The World is Your Oyster

It is an extremely tedious process when deciding on the perfect light for an interior space like a bedroom, living room, or even an office. You have to consider the shape, the direct placement, the fitting, the colour, the colour temperature as well as its intended purpose, it can start to get a little complicated. When guests and/ or clients walk into your home and/or office, you want your artwork and space to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with the assistance of the correct lighting. Oyster lights can add significant value to your space and seem to be a favourable choice. Our Oyster lights are simple in design, making them an easy light to incorporate into any room design. Oyster LED lights are suitable for rooms that are not looking to draw attention to the lighting and won’t seem to encounter any clashes with the décor or artwork of choice. However, depending on the colour temperature desired, the lighting in the room...Read more

Five Ways to Brighten Up Dark Spaces in Your Home

If you live in a first-floor home or have dark rooms in your apartment, there are a few tricks that can lighten up spaces in your home. Darker rooms such as basements or sub-level apartments can still be charming simply by working with their features to bring light to the space. Working in clever ways to bring the feeling of more light and space can instantly refresh problem areas. Here are five DIY tips to instantly brighten up any space in your home. 1. Use Lighting...Read more

Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

Outside lighting is such an important facet of our home. It welcomes us as we arrive home in the later hours of the day. It shines light on the darker corners of our yard creating a sense of being safe and secure. It showcases the finer elements of our outside décor and architecture. Additionally, it provides safety for our family and our visitors during the hours when the sun begins to fade until the morning when the sun rises up in all of its bright...Read more

5 Reasons to Choose LED Lights

Most people are familiar with incandescent bulbs and the lighting they provide. In a few years from now this will not be the case, however, as their use is systematically being phased out. People have been making the switch to fluorescent bulbs because they have proven to be a better alternative. This switch will be short-lived, though, since with the advent of the Light-Emitting Diode or LED lights, everyone is beginning to “see the light”. As it turns out, what fluorescent lighting was to incandescent...Read more

Lighting the Way to Energy Savings - Understanding Your New Light Bulb Options

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you have probably heard that the days of the incandescent light bulb are coming to an end. Many wattages have already been phased out, and the remaining bulbs will soon no longer be manufactured or sold. Unless you are one of those folks who has been hoarding incandescent light bulbs in the attic, you will soon need to stock up on new technologies to light your home and protect your family. The...Read more