Don't Be A Dinosaur


In the olden days, before the Internet, the lighting industry was dominated by a handful of companies doing things a certain way – we like to call this the dinosaur way. The dinosaurs would buy lights from a manufacturer and sell them to a local distributor, who would then sell them to a lighting wholesaler, who’d then sell the lights to an electrician, only to sell them one more time to you, the consumer. That’s a lot of tiny dinosaur hands taking big dinosaur cuts along the way… and by the way: they were jacking up the price and passing it on to you the whole time!

Then along came the Internet, with the opportunity to disrupt the industry and streamline the process… but the lighting dinosaurs kept doing things the same old way. Well, we all know what happened to the dinosaurs! Just like that big meteor that ended the dinosaurs, Aluxium is here to change the face of lighting, forever.

We’re a group of lighting experts who are passionate about bringing you quality lights at market leading prices. We’ve been around the block on both sides of the business, and we know what it’s like to lose jobs because of the high cost of materials, out of stock items, or orders not shipping on time. If you’re tired of inexperienced people, rude staff, and high costs, you’re ready for The Aluxium Difference: #DontBeADinosaur

We look forward to doing more than just selling lights to you, our goal is to share great advice and lighting hacks, as well as unique and creative ideas to spark your imagination. Be sure to follow our photo streams on Instagram and Pinterest, our posts on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest in lighting.

The Aluxium Team


“We used Aluxium downlights for the first time recently on a clients home renovation. The quality of the LEDs was fantastic, and the owners of the house were ecstatic that they wouldn’t need to change the lamps for a very long time, not to mention the money they’d be saving every month on electrical bills. I would highly recommend these lights for any project.” David

Sparky, Lloyd Scott Electrical