Five Ways to Brighten Up Dark Spaces in Your Home

Five Ways to Brighten Up Dark Spaces in Your Home

If you live in a first-floor home or have dark rooms in your apartment, there are a few tricks that can lighten up spaces in your home. Darker rooms such as basements or sub-level apartments can still be charming simply by working with their features to bring light to the space. Working in clever ways to bring the feeling of more light and space can instantly refresh problem areas. Here are five DIY tips to instantly brighten up any space in your home.

1. Use Lighting to Open up Space
Strategic lighting can immediately add brightness and dimension to a dark space. Low lighting or floor lighting can add depth and a coziness that harsh, stark ceiling lighting cannot. Installing lights underneath bars or shelves can illuminate walkways and open up space.

2. Use Mirrors to Maximize Lighting
Mirrors placed to refract light from windows or lamps can add dimension and brighten up dim areas. Placing a mirror directly across from a window can bring in double the light from outdoors, and can open up space. Refracting the existing light source will maximize its impact on a space. Working with internal lighting, reflecting lamps off of a wall mirror can bring out dark corners and make a dark space more inviting.

3. Hang Sheer Curtains to Utilize Outdoor Light
If you are already battling for light in a space that is dark, don’t add to it with daylight-cutting curtains or blinds. Switch these up with a sheer set of curtains that can easily let in any daylight available. Cutting light with heavy curtains or shutters will only add to a dark space. Utilize outdoor lighting as much as possible when dealing with a darker area of your home.

4. Doors Can Double as Windows
If you have a doorway that is placed in an area that could let in sunlight, take advantage of this. Adding French doors, or doors with incorporated window panes, can instantly brighten up a once dark room. This can be a bigger project though, so if you are looking for a quick fix, you can simply add a screen door. This can easily let in light by leaving your door open, while screening pets in and keeping pests out.

5. Bring in Plants to Bring Life to Dark Spaces
Bringing nature inside can bring a more lively feel to any cave-like presence. Make sure to source plants that do well in the shade so that they can thrive in a low-lit environment. Place along entryways or close to lamps to bring attention to your natural accents.

If there is space in your home that needs brightening up, there are clever ways to bring in more light and illuminate your space. This can easily be achieved with strategic placement of lights, mirrors and plants. Darker spaces can still be opened up, and can benefit from a cozy upgrade.

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