Outdoor Lighting Tips

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Lighting is a great way to create a distinctive ambiance for those outdoor celebrations and can make your outside area a more inviting space.

With the summer months coming up, there will be many opportunities for barbecues and garden parties, so you would be wise to embrace outdoor lighting now so you are prepared.

There are a few tips to make sure your outdoor space is not overwhelmed with lights or kept in darkness.


Make sure that your outdoor lighting is an appropriate size for the space it will be occupying – you don’t want it to overpower the space or leave some areas that should be illuminated in shadow.

You may want to consider shield lighting if you are looking at installing accent lights as it can direct beams onto a specific object.

Lights with a lower wattage may provide enough illumination without producing light pollution.


You may want to light up paths and walkways so visitors to your house will be kept safe from trips and slips as they enter your property – you can choose from our range of outdoor lights for these areas.

Bollards and post lights are the perfect choice for these paths, but make sure you choose one that will suit the area and the architectural style of your house.

The great thing about these lights is they are non-corrosive so even if it rains, you don’t need to worry about the fittings. They also come with LED lights so they do not need much maintenance as they will last for years.

LED lights are reliable and robust meaning they are the perfect choice for outdoors, as they can withstand the rain and any shock or vibration.

You should make sure the biggest and fanciest light goes above the front door to welcome guests to your home. You could consider an outdoor pendant light for a special touch.


When choosing outdoor lighting, you will want to choose colours that complement your garden’s colour scheme.

If you have a lot of natural, earthy colours you may want to consider bronze light fixtures. Although black goes well with everything, if your outdoor area features brown trim then black can be a bit harsh, making bronze or stone can be great alternatives.

White lighting fixtures can look stunning against dark houses that feature white trim.

If you are putting in landscape lighting close to the house you should be able to integrate it into your home’s wiring system but there are also solar landscape lighting options.

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