Should You Convert Your Home to LED Lights?

Should You Convert Your Home to LED Lights?

By now, many people will already know the benefits of LED lights. The Nobel Prize-winning innovation is able to immediately cut electricity costs, provide an excellent quality of light for any room and is compact enough to fit into a wide range of devices.

However, one of the pressing questions you may have now is when the best time is to switch your home to LED lighting.

LED lights last longer than most alternatives, so need replacing less frequently, and have incredibly low energy usage. This means after the initial cost of purchase, each installed LED starts to offer a great return on investment.

The technology behind LEDs has been commercially available for almost 50 years, though only viable for most homes in the past decade or so. Over this time, manufacturing costs have become significantly lower and, as a direct result, the price to the consumer has plummeted.

So, could 2015 be the year you take out all those energy-wasting and costly lights and install LEDs around your home? Well, there’s now no reason why not.

In fact, the start of a new year is a great time to make the switch, simply because it is easier to track exactly how much money you are saving.

If you were to install new LED globes into your light fittings as part of your New Year’s Day clean up routine, for example, you could then check your monthly energy bills and see the saving from that point onwards.

To get an even better grasp on your finances, make a spreadsheet. Put your purchasing cost at the top and at the end of each month enter your energy savings based on your electricity bill today.

It shouldn’t be long before you cross the point where your reduced energy costs have paid for the upgrade – and from that moment it’s all profit. You may even want to keep updating your spreadsheet to see how much you are saving in the long term.

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