The World is Your Oyster

It is an extremely tedious process when deciding on the perfect light for an interior space like a bedroom, living room, or even an office. You have to consider the shape, the direct placement, the fitting, the colour, the colour temperature as well as its intended purpose, it can start to get a little complicated. When guests and/ or clients walk into your home and/or office, you want your artwork and space to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with the assistance of the correct lighting. Oyster lights can add significant value to your space and seem to be a favourable choice.

Our Oyster lights are simple in design, making them an easy light to incorporate into any room design. Oyster LED lights are suitable for rooms that are not looking to draw attention to the lighting and won’t seem to encounter any clashes with the décor or artwork of choice. However, depending on the colour temperature desired, the lighting in the room can be the focal point and can draw attention to certain aspects of the room. So in saying all of this, understanding the functions of an Oyster LED light would assist in what you are looking for.

Our Aluxium 20W & 16W LED Oyster lights come with an Acrylic finish as well as a metal base, making it a more sophisticated and preferred light. It has a choice of colour temperature between Warm White and Cool White. Cool White is an artificially whiter light that is used in areas such as garages and offices. Warm White provides more of a yellow colour to the eyes, not as bright, is more suitable for bedrooms and living areas. You are able to adjust the temperature and quality of the light to suit your own desires. Our Oyster lights are Energy efficient and have been tested to last for up to and more than 35,000 hours. This is a more affordable and desirable choice as you do not have to change your lights on a frequent basis.

So when you need to make a decision regarding the light fittings in your home, make sure you take into consideration the Colour Quality, the Colour Temperature and where you will be placing them. The lighting choice that you make will set the tone for the home environment in which you will create.

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